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Well, here goes nothing… or something.  I’ve never been much of a blogger, but I’m going to take a crack at it to help explore the programming I’m doing on a daily basis and maybe help some others along the way, myself included. 🙂  The biggest problem for me will be forming the habit of updating this place on a regular basis.  We’ll just take it one blog entry at a time.

I’m planning to focus on the following subjects for the moment:

  • C# / VB.NET – the two main languages I use for work and play.
  • Xamarin – a fantastic cross-platform development architecture for creating mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows devices using C# & .NET.  It’s basically the Mono framework reborn with a new marketing sticker, but they’ve really come a long way from the original Mono project.  I’ve just started getting into it in the last few months, so lots of learning to do here.  If you’re at all interested in mobile development, I’d highly recommend taking a looking at http://www.xamarin.com.
  • Android Development – I’m an avid Android user (I have several tablets/phones) and have been learning a lot lately about the Android framework, thanks to Xamarin development for work.  Never been a Java programmer but had started down the whole Eclipse / Java development path to start creating apps for mobile devices… and then Xamarin came along and that kinda went off the rails.  Anyway, lots of interest in the Android platform for me, so it will be a common topic.
  • Game Development – I’m a gamer and love to play, and game development holds a lot of interest for me.  Unfortunately, I’m a great starter and terrible finisher, so I have lots of old programs laying about in one half-baked state or another.  But this will probably be a common topic here anyway.
  • Learning Resources – I’m always looking to learn new things and I like finding great tutorials, guides, references, etc. on the internets on a variety of programming subjects.  I’ll definitely be linking here to good places that I find.

I’m sure there will be the odd topic here or there about something else, but these will be the common areas of interest.  Well, it’s almost 1:30am and I hear my pillow calling.  I at least finished one blog entry. 😀

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